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Small & mighty 💪 Our technicians can’t work without these three tiny tools. Flocked lipstick applicators, lash & brow brush and micro brushes all have a ton of uses when it comes to microblading, semi-permanent makeup and eyelash extensions. 💅 They help us achieve perfect results every step of the way. 😍 Shop the same supplies Eye Design techs use at eyedesignstore.com! 🎁

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So. Many. Options. 👌 We have a huge variety of top-quality blades for every microblading and semi-permanent makeup method. Eye Design works hard to keep up with the latest innovations in the beauty industry by developing techniques and products of our own! ✨ These are the blades that are always there to help our technicians get the job done whether we’re microblading or doing powdered brows, eyeliner or lips. ✔️ Beauty professionals can check out our range at eyedesignstore.com!

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Have you met our Pigment Mixer? You already know how much our technicians love mixing pigment colors, now, you can learn exactly how we do it! 🎉 When combining two colors for a microblading or semi-permanent makeup client, it is important that you mix them together thoroughly, otherwise your work may appear patchy and uneven. 🙅‍ For flawless results, bookmark eyedesignstore.com. This product will be launching soon! 🙌

Дата: 14 июля, 2018

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Our technician’s holy grail tool? The Caliper, of course! 📐 When founder and Master Tech @nadia_afanaseva first began microblading, it took her an hour to draw a perfect set of eyebrows. But thanks to the Golden Mean Caliper, Nadia can draw her world-famous brows in 15 minutes! 🙌 This tool is a necessity in our studio, so we always make sure we have the best ones. To shop our supply, head over eyedesignstore.com. 👛

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Create a customized brow look for every client with the help of our Pigment Kits. 👩‍🎨 Eye Design’s exclusive mineral-based Microblading Pigments come in six base colors and four correction colors work together to form endless combinations. 😉 Available in both Regular and Small sizes on eyedesignstore.com! 🎨

Дата: 12 июля, 2018

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What’s better than a new tube of Eye Design Elixir? A blend of nourishing oils delivers hydration and essential vitamins to treated brows. 💦 In addition to caring for your newly microbladed skin, vitamins strengthen the natural hairs you already have while castor oil promotes hair growth! 🍇 Plus, all that moisture gives your eyebrows a healthy sheen! We can’t get enough. Find Elixir at our studio, or order it online at eyedesignstore.com! 🛒👋

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Ready for lipstick that doesn’t smudge or fade? 💄 Semi-permanent lip makeup gives you the natural-looking color you love without reapplation and constant babysitting! This long-lasting treatment also reduces the appearance of age lines, making the lips look fuller and healthier. It brightens up the whole face! 👄🌞 Once it heals, you are good-to-go with your perfect nude, pink or red shade, but you are also free to add a gloss or a bolder lip color on top. (We know versatility is an important thing to have in your busy life!) 😉 Summer is the best time to go makeup-free with semi-permanent lipstick, so book your studio visit at eyedn.com or call (917) 300-0317. 📞

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Innovation is one of the core values at Eye Design, so our technicians are constantly learning new techniques and treatments! We work hard every single day and are ALWAYS growing. 💪 To stay sharp, the team is constantly practicing. Even those of us who have been working for years and are already confident in our results enjoy practicing and perfecting our skills! ✍️ Eye Design technicians love going to hands-on workshops, in addition to taking online classes, because our craft requires us to be both students AND professionals! 👩‍🎨

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The Eye Design team has several key tools that make the brow drawing process much better. Our efficiency is what sets us apart from other studios! 👏 We want to give you perfect eyebrows, so we took the time to find and develop the best supplies possible--and that includes easy-to-use rulers that adapt and stick to the contours of your face. 📏 Rest assured you will always leave Eye Design with natural-looking and symmetrical brows! 👯‍ For a customized brow look, call our studio at (917) 300-0317, or schedule an appointment on eyedn.com. See you soon! 😉

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Definition for days! 🙌 Do you wear eyeliner on most days? If so, then you may want to try our semi-permanent eyeliner. 👀 Eye Design’s team customize a flattering makeup look for you in our Fifth Ave studio. This includes shape, color and intensity! It has all the benefits of wearing pencil or liquid liner, without any of the running, smudging and tricky application. 🎉 Read all the details in our upcoming blog post ➡️ Bookmark nadia-afanaseva.com/eye-design-blogs 💻

Дата: 07 июля, 2018

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Powdered brows in progress 💭 Powder Effect is one of our most-loved beauty treatments at Eye Design because it gives the brows a perfected airbrushed result with minimal downtime! 🎉 There is no better way to enhance your features than with Powder Effect, because this semi-permanent makeup technique works on all skin tones and skin types. (And it looks flawless for up to three years, fading naturally over time!) 🌈 Want to see why our team is crazy about Powder Effect? Book your brow appointment on eyedn.com, or call the studio at (917) 300-0317! 🎀

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Our secret to flawless results is the drawing process! ✍️ The first 30 minutes of every brow appointment at Eye Design acts as a consultation so our technicians can make sure every detail is exactly the way the client prefers. We also take the time to customize your new look because we want it to work in perfect harmony for the rest of your facial features! 👀 Are you ready to invest in yourself? Call or text (917) 300-0317 to schedule your visit, or head over to eyedn.com. 👋

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