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Physiotherapist | Fitness | Lifestyle | Travel Recipes | Workouts #leanwithlilly #TeamOptimumNutrition New YT Video 🎬

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In pain, swollen leg, can’t walk without crutches & zero energy... But I’m DETERMINED to remain positive 🙏🏼 I’m a strong believer that a positive mindset will guide your body through injury & tough times. Now I just need to hope & pray that the results of this MRI aren’t the worst... Please Please don’t be a damaged ACL 🙏🏼 Thank you @valiantclinic for looking after me I’ll keep you all posted with the results 😘 Thank you @danaemercer for coming with me my angel ❤️ #MRI #kneerehab #kneeinjury #2weekspostinjury

Дата: 16 января, 2019

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The Day I Broke My Knee | New Vlog now LIVE. ⚠️ This vlog contains some nasty scenes of the fall itself, @alex_tyrwhitt on camera to explain exactly what happened and a few tears from me 😭 Hit the link in my bio now to check it out. Disclaimer- This footage was from just before my accident. When I was having the best time ever! Please please if you are a beginner like me, do not let my accident put you off skiing. It certainly hasn’t me! I am feeling incredibly determined to commence my rehab and get back on the slopes ASAP. #niseko #nisekojapan #skiinjury #physio #kneerehab

Дата: 12 января, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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PISTOL SQUAT- Who does it better❓ Lilly on crutches, or Buzz Lightyear Alex... Comment down below 🙈🙈 My rehab has commenced and I’m feeling incredibly determined (and pretty sore too!) KNEE UPDATE: Diagnosis- I am seeing a specialist Physio on Sunday. The pain and instability is very much medial (inside of the knee), so likely MCL damage and ?meniscus too! I’m hoping and praying no ACL damage! Pain- levels are still pretty high when attempting to put weight through or rotate my knee, so I’m crutches for now. Swelling- have you seen my stories?? The swelling has been crazy!!! Attitude- I am DETERMINED to stay positive, and @alex_tyrwhitt is with me every step of the way supporting me and Vlogging the experience. This was my first attempt at some rehab, and to prove to myself that the knee injury will not stop me exercising! In hindsight, these exercises were a little too difficult as my body was sore for 24 hours after, and at the moment I need every bit of my strength for healing. I’m on a high protein and high nutrient diet to support the healing process as much as possible. I’ve topped this up with @optimumnutrition_uk Lean whey every day. I’ve found it quite difficult to find all the foods I want in Japan, so the protein supplementation is a must for me. For more updates on the entire experience - from pretty nasty footage of me falling on the slopes (yes- Alex happened to have his GoPro out when I fell) to my physiotherapy sessions and diagnosis, hit the link in my bio and Sub to my YouTube channel. Thanks as always for your support familia, love you all ❤️ #kneeinjury #kneerehab #rehabilitation #physio #physiotherapy #TeamON

Дата: 11 января, 2019

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Touchdown in Tokyo 🇯🇵 armed with @optimumnutrition_uk to kickstart my recovery & healing process! If you’re looking for me, I’ll be on my crutches, with @alex_tyrwhitt exploring one of our favourite places in the world-TOKYO! Ps. Just you wait to see my Upper Body gains after all this crutch work 😉💪🏼 @optimumnutritionarabia #TeamON #Tokyo #TokyoJapan #Japan #VisitJapan

Дата: 10 января, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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📸 Taken; A- After a heavy night out, or B- After filming with @supercarblondie What did I do while injured in Japan, place your bets below 👇🏼🤣 I know I’m a mess, so be kind lol 🙏🏼 📸 by @alex_tyrwhitt #japan #niseko #snow #japow

Дата: 07 января, 2019

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Channeling my inner Psycho... RIP @supercarblondie Who’s watched @birdboxmovie - thoughts ❓❓ 🎥 @nikcars #BirdBox #WheresMyOscarAt?

Дата: 07 января, 2019

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Rolling into the sweets aisle like... 🚗🍬🍭 On a serious note... 1️⃣ Japanese sweets are YUMMY! 2️⃣ I don’t know what I would do without you @alex_tyrwhitt Thank you for being the best bf in the 🌍 & for looking after me & keeping me smiling these past few days! Still no update on the injury familia... the swelling & pain is still pretty high. I promise I’ll keep you updated on everything when I know more tomorrow. Until then, you’ll find me eating sweets on the sofa watching BirdBox. Goodnight ❤️😴

Дата: 06 января, 2019

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Happy 2 0 1 9 🙈 Off to a rocky start after a nasty ski accident yesterday has found me on crutches, a knee brace and a pretty badly damaged knee. I’m in disbelief tbh. Thank you so much for all of your messages of support after watching my stories yesterday, it honestly means the world to have you all supporting me. To update you all, in short, I had a fall while skiing (about 400m from the car, on my last run- can you believe it!!) Anyway, as I twisted and fell my left ski unclipped, but my right ski stayed attached and got caught underneath me in the snow. I heard a tear sound and was in instant agony in my knee. Thankfully @alex_tyrwhitt and @jesshickey were with me and called Ski Patrol who assisted me down to the bottom of the mountain safely. The diagnosis is still unclear, but I’m unable to weight bare through my right leg due to pain and major instability. I went for an assessment yesterday and was given crutches and a knee brace. My gut (based on my Physio experience) is that I have torn my Medial Collateral Ligament, and I think it may be a pretty high grade tear 🙈 My hopes is that my ACL is fully in tact and this can be managed conservatively (without surgery). For now, it’s a waiting game until the swelling and pain go down so I can be re assessed. Until then, although I’m feeling so gutted and upset, I am DETERMINED to stay positive and prepare myself for what may be a long rehabilitation program ahead. Fingers crossed!! Also thank you to @focusphysio_niseko for looking after me here! 🙏🏼

Дата: 05 января, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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Inner Thigh Burn in 16 mins- Tighten & Tone your inner thighs with these epic slider exercises! All you need is some socks! Don’t forget to hit ❤️ & save this video for later! Try 4 rounds of each exercise, 45 sec on / 15 sec recovery 1️⃣ Slider addiction 2️⃣ standing single leg abd/adduction 3️⃣ Goblet squat heel raises 4️⃣ Curtsy lunge sliders Don’t forget your @optimumnutrition_uk post workout protein after 😉 Good Luck familia and enjoy the burn!! wearing @varley leggings 📍 Niseko, Japan 🇯🇵 #sliders #innerthighs #innerthighworkout #homeworkout #homeexercise

Дата: 03 января, 2019

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Japow 🇯🇵 Wow it’s good to be back! Here’s to 2 weeks of yummy ramen, hot choc, learning to ski 🎿, collecting some juicy bruises from epic falls, and heaps of giggles with @alex_tyrwhitt & the gang! Come join the fun @supercarblondie @nikcars We can’t wait to have you here!

Дата: 02 января, 2019

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Just landed in the snow @nisekojapan & I’m ready to hit the slopes 🎿 This will be my second Ski trip, and although I’m still very much a beginner, I am so excited to get stuck in, eat some yummy Japanese food and just have fun!! I have 3 ski trips this year, so let’s hope I can progress and fast. Watch my stories for updates and giggles (I’m pretty certain there will be some epic falls!) Sending you all love wherever you are in the world ❤️

Дата: 30 декабря, 2018

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Date: today, 2019

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Bye Bye Dubai... Next Stop- Japan 🇯🇵 Any recommendations for Tokyo??? Our first stop is @nisekojapan for some 🎿 & 🍜 I cannot WAIT! Ps. 📸 was taken in @atlantisthepalm beautiful suite in celebration of the new Aquaman film being released with @warnerbrosme 💛 Wearing @bedouinstudios #dubai #mydubai #atlantis #atlantisthepalm #aquaman

Дата: 29 декабря, 2018

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To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous. Confucius

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