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🔹Team Ninja Warrior Champion 🔹Creating Empowerment Through Strength #TeamMinneXND

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2 daughters, the loss of a brother, 4 miscarriages, the loss of a religion, a divorce, a hell of a lot of learning and facing my fears, resentment, forgiveness, chasing fitness, following my soul, self love, therapy, saying goodbye to old friends and finding new ones, learning to listen to myself, still knowing I have so far I want to go❤️ #10yearchallenge ___ 📷 @andylikesthings

Дата: 16 января, 2019

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Pretty freaking stoked to be heading back to Miami on Thursday with @xendurance for the @thewodapalooza !!🏋🏻‍♀️ A bunch of us will be hanging at the FitAid booth so please come say hello!! 🙋🏻‍♀️☀️ ___ jointeamminne.com ___ #sunshineplease #neversettle #getninjastrong #findyourstrong #miamilove #wodapalooza

Дата: 15 января, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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325, a 25lb PR from LAST WEEK🤯☠️ @bdstrength , @cgindorff and @thecenterofmvmt gave me some pointers on lowering my hips and squeezing my booty, thank you guys!! ___ If any of you are getting into lifting, I HIGHLY recommend spending the money to get at least one coaching session with a professional. #worthit ___ Rest of workout was a 1rm squat with bands (195), 3x5 barbell rows and 3x10 glute bridges ___ Last night to get half off a year subscription to my app. Designed for people wanting to get killer grip and pullups, but my favorite ab and booty exercises are included. link in bio code NEWYEAR50😘 ___ #getninjastrong #findyourstrong

Дата: 14 января, 2019

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My mini💋 Hope y'all are enjoying your Saturday!! ___ Ledge pullups were the very first ninja training exercise I did. Even before I found a ninja gym. I would aim for 50 a day. They continue to be an integral part of my training! ___ If you can't find ledges you like, you can just be cheap and bolt in a 2x2 from Home Depot above a doorway💪🏻 ___ My pullup and grip program is at www.minneninja.plankk.com or link in bio📱 A year membership is half off through tomorrow with code NEWYEAR50. ___ #minneninja #minneninjaapp #getninjastrong

Дата: 13 января, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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🔥Giveaway!!🔥 So I've got about 10 samples of Extreme Endurance, @xendurance 's freaking crazy product that reduces lactic acid and soreness. (In 5 lab tests, it's legit) SO: ___ Comment below telling me what type of fitness activity you are most passionate about and how you got into it🏓⛳️🤼‍♀️⛸ ___ I'll pick ten people to send a sample pack AND I'll give you each $20 off my team entry price 😍 ___ 📷 @cgindorff ___ @teamminnexnd #community #xendurance #calisthenics

Дата: 12 января, 2019

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I feel like fitness literally saved my life. I grew up boxed in by an EXTREMELY conservative culture. All I ever dreamed about was being a mom. I was lucky enough to have two perfect little girls. But honestly I didn’t feel satisfied. __ I went through a few really hard years of loss that completely flipped my worldview upside-down. Suddenly all the rules were gone. I started looking at my life for the first time and asking myself, “If I could do anything, what would I do?” __ I knew it was going to be fitness related. So I threw myself into stroller-fitness classes. Personal training and teaching. Then HIIT classes. Then Crossfit. Weightlifting. Ninja. Powerlifting. Fitness, moving, challenging my body physically - nothing makes me feel better. __ It didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken years to change not only my body but my mind. But if a mom of two, boxed in by decades of self-limiting beliefs can break free, so can you❤ __ www.jointeamminne.com __ #minneninja #breakyourbarriers #findyourstrong

Дата: 10 января, 2019

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It's an ask me anything kinda night! Love hearing what you guys are curious about! ___ Grip and Pullup Program: ▪️www.minneninjaapp.com app ▪️www.pullupgripstarter.com ebook Supplements and Team: Link in bio or DM me ___ @xendurance #miamibeach #sunshineplease

Дата: 08 января, 2019

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300 lbs🤢🤪My goal is to be able to pull that from the ground in Feb at my comp. Squat was at 210 today, followed by barbell rows. ___ The last slide is one of my favorite warm ups, I do these before squats to get blood into my hamstrings. ___ www.pullupgripstarter.com ___ #getninjastrong

Дата: 07 января, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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Couldn't pass up another sunny day to play❄🤪 Lat activation drills, try em! Super important for proper pullups. You can stand on a stool if you want for assistance. ___ Allllllso #TeamMinneXND @xendurance just launched💣 Joining gets you: -My Pullup and Grip Starter eBook -A 20m Skype consult with me -Access to our private IG community (think accountability, inspo, tips, exclusive content) -Free shipping on all XND products -25% off all XND products -The opportunity to earn commissions by sharing your own link ___ Follow the link in my bio to sign up or feel free to message me or comment with questions🤘🏻💛 ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong #TeamMinneXND

Дата: 06 января, 2019

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Today's workout. Holy mother those Stir the Pots were intense. Core and shoulders and triceps😅 ___ Stir the Pots 3x15 each direction Box Step Ups 3x10 each leg Good Mornings 3x10 Front Squats 3x5 ___ @bdstrength www.minneninjaapp.com #getninjastrong #insideandout #TeamMinneXND

Дата: 05 января, 2019

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3 years ago I was hospitalized with Mono, just weeks before I was supposed to compete on American Ninja Warrior. I pushed through and competed anyway, and again later that year on Team Ninja. I took some nasty spills (swipe right if you wanna see) and it took about 6 months for me to realize I had gotten concussions from whiplash. ___ During that time I was nauseated, could barely drive, barely take care of my girls and definitely barely make it through a workout. It’s been a long road of recovery - much of which I owe to my amazing neuro @dr_jeremy_schmoe , and my friends and family who were incredibly supportive. But those were some dark days. They caused me to take a really hard look at what I was putting in my body. I read book after book and tried so many supplements, juicing, diets. Some things helped, some didn’t. ___ At the time I was working with a supplement company that I knew was not very clean. This year I had the opportunity to switch to @xendurance , I company whose products I’d been using for a long time and knew were helping my body. Before I'd gotten sick I’d never used much beyond a protein shake. But I came to realize how important it was to support my body, especially with my training. (I’ll share in my stories today about the supplements I do take and what has helped me the most.) ___ Today @xendurance is launching a new team platform and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of a company whose products I completely believe in. If you want to hear more about how to be on my team, shoot me a DM, I’d love to tell you about it. I’m pretty stoked💛☀ ___ #TeamMinneXND #supplementsthatwork #monosucks #fuelwhatmatters #sunshineandhealth

Дата: 02 января, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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Happy New Year!! Let's make it great👊🏻 Little steps that stick. One thing at a time, friends that are positive, lots of grace for ourselves, and the belief that we are strong enough, worthy enough and capable of whatever it is we want in this life. ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ @conquerninjawarriorgyms #ninjawarrior #getninjastrong #insideandout

Дата: 02 января, 2019

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