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Airport workout 💁🏻‍♀️✈ Seriously, my body gets so stiff sitting for so long!! I'll take weird looks all day🤪 ___ www.minneninjaapp.com www.pullupgripstarter.com ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong

Дата: 19 октября, 2018

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The sunshine and ocean make me happy in ways I can't explain. They literally fill my soul. Grateful for this trip, for a chance to regroup, refuel and recenter ☀ ___ Training Programs: www.minneninjaapp.com app www.pullupgripstarter.com ebook ___ Nutrition Plan: @rpstrength code minne10 ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong

Дата: 16 октября, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Anybody ever tried "kang squats" before? Waaaay harder than I thought they would be. Basically a good morning into a squat. The band helps engage the outside of my glutes and hamstrings. ___ Heavy single deadlifts today too, every minute for 8 minutes, worked up to #245. Holy neck veins😈🖤 ___ LOVING being in Miami. Heard in was snowing in Minnesota today🤣⛄ ___ Credit @bdstrength ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong

Дата: 14 октября, 2018

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Pushup spice🖤 Have you tried any of these?? Anybody else get bored with regular pushups🙋🏻‍♀️🤪 ___ Most of these can be done from your knees to modify. Keep your abs pulled tight (my secret for building abs without actually doing ab exercises;)) and don't let your shoulders sag! ___ Training Programs: www.minneninjaapp.com 🍏 www.pullupgripstarter.com for Android! ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong

Дата: 13 октября, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Just booked another trip to Miami!!! It makes me so happy just THINKING about feeling the sun on my face again. And I'm bringing my daughter with me, our first real trip together. So you can count on me asking for tips on places and restaurants to visit❤️ ___ 📷 @brayshawcreative 🙌🏼 ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong #miamifeels

Дата: 11 октября, 2018

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Challenge #2!!! In 20 seconds do 5 fingertip pushups and as many shoulder taps as you can. Post your final number along with your video! I got 42😈 Also, you can do this challenge on your knees if you want! ___ Challenge participants, make sure you're following along in my app or my ebook for your daily workouts! These workouts are designed to increase your pullup max or get you to your first pullup! ___ If you haven't watched my video on doing assisted pullups properly, head over to YouTube with my bio link😘 ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong #mnpullups

Дата: 08 октября, 2018

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Making all the pretty faces😈 But I was stoked to hit this lift, 185# with a 4(ish) sec hold at the bottom. (Bodyweight at 112). One rep max is gonna be over 200 sooooon!!!! 🤗 ___ Hope you all are having fun with your first October Pullup Challenge!! (Doing pullups in an unexpected location.) Videos are due by Saturday and don't forget hashtag #mnpullups 💛 If you missed the sign up, shoot me a DM! ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong @optimumnutrition #goldstandardzone #goldstandardisolate

Дата: 05 октября, 2018

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What was your most awkward year of life? 6th grade over here... ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong

Дата: 03 октября, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Birthday shopping! Right or left?? Thank you all so much for your happy wishes today, you guys are the best 🎈🎂🎁 Did most of my celebrating over the weekend but got to go shopping today and have cinnamon rolls with my girlies💗

Дата: 02 октября, 2018

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Anybody want some help getting started with or improving their pull-ups??? Hop over to YouTube and watch this tutorial! Link in bio😘 ___ Also, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SIGN UP for The October Pull-up Challenge!! Whoohoo! And if you’ve already joined, make sure you go watch this video❤️ ___ To get in on the challenge, either download my app or my ebook program and we’ll send you an email with the challenge details! ___ www.minneninjaapp.com or pullupgripstarter.com ___ @wolfpackninjas #wpnt #mnpullupchallenge

Дата: 01 октября, 2018

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Hi friends! Ask me anything health or fitness, I'm replying now! 😘 ___ My 4 week pullup challenge starts Monday!! Download my app or shoot me a DM to join🤗 www.minneninjaapp.com ___ 📷@andylikesthings Nutrition plan by @rpstrength 🙌🏼

Дата: 28 сентября, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Just discovered these behind the neck pullups and I'm obsessed. So often it's easy to forget to engage your back with pullups and these force you to. Bending your knees, squeezing your glutes, using a wider grip and pulling your elbows/forearms back as far as possible will also help engage your lats. Try em! ___ ** If you have neck issues try the same positioning but just pull to your chest like a pullup, don't go behind your head ___ Workout: 5 rounds 3 behind the neck pullups 1 full shoulder rotation each side 1 arm tap downs Behind the neck hold till failure ___ Don't forget to sign up for my October Pullup Challenge! Details below😘 ___ All you have to do is download my app (and we'll send you details) OR IF YOU HAVE ANDROID I HAVE AN EBOOK for you instead!! 💃💃💃 (yes you have to buy it🤪). DM me your email address if you want to join with the 4 week ebook program! ___ The challenge is for all starting abilities and we're going to see who can get their first pullups and how much we can increase our maxes by. __ Also there will be weekly ninja challenges during which you can win prizes 🏆 ___ Program is 6 days a week and 15-30 minutes a day so you can use it alongside other training if you'd like. ___ Let me know if you have any other questions! ❤️❤️❤️ ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ #minneninjaapp #getninjastrong #mnpullupchallenge @wolfpackninjas #wpnt

Дата: 26 сентября, 2018

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