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🔹Conquer Ninja and Optimum Nutrition ⚡GRIP, PULLUP and UPPER BODY Program Available now!👇🏼

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Stronger is my new Armour Box gear💪🏻🤗 Guys!! Did you know about @underarmour 's new armour box? This is the hack every girl on the go needs: it’s built just for me to fit my style, goals and needs • delivered as often as I need (30, 60, 90 days) • 7 day try on period • keep what I want, send the rest back for free • and 20% off if I keep everything. It doesn’t get better than that! #armourbox #sponsored

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Having some fun after crushing legs!! What'd you all do for your workout today?? I love hearing😁🏋👟🧘🏽‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🎾 ___ This circuit: 1. Head bangers, try to keep your body super straight 2. Bar dips, try to get your chest all the way to the bar. Put one foot on the ground if needed. 3. Assisted muscle ups. Working on my turnover, the hardest part for me. 4. L-sit extensions plus shoulder engagement. Really squeeze with your lats (push your shoulders away from your head) before you lift your knees! ___ Find more of my favorite upper body drills and modifications on my app! Designed to build grip, shoulder, pullup and pushup strength no matter where you're starting from😘 ___ www.minneninjaapp.com or bio link for your first week free 💃📱 ___ 📹@andylikesthings ___ #minneninjaapp #getninjastrong #anyonecanbeaninja

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Date: today, 2018

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Believe in yourself. Listen to your heart and never stop fighting for what you want💕 ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ 📷@andylikesthings ___ #getninjastrong #insideandout

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Half-up-down drill with my girlies!! One of us needs to work on her toes to bar🙋🏻‍♀️😜 But seriously, awesome drill for working out with a partner or team👯 Hope y'all are enjoying your Sunday! ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ 📹 @andylikesthings ___ #updowndrill #calisthenicsgirls #barworkout

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Date: today, 2018

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Saturday relaxing ♥ Steaks, pear cider, my favorite girls, and catching up on The Bachelorette😁 What are all up to tonight?? ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ #minneninjaapp #saturdaynight

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This one😍 I think I'll keep her lol. ___ www.minneninjaapp.com for all things grip and upper body!!! *1st wk free* ___ #minime #microninja #age8 #cliffhanger #ninjaskills

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Guess how many lunges I did tonight☠️ Closest wins a box of @optimumnutrition supplements📦 These giveaways are so much fun🎉💋 ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ 📷 @the_hunger_diaries #teamon #giveaway #goldstandardzone

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Grip flips, my new favorite drill. Just scary enough to keep it interesting🤪😅 ___ Tip: Focus on pumping hard with your knees, and try a hand release before you try flipping🖤 ___ www.minneninjaapp.com for my grip and pullup program, first week free! 💃 ___ Idea credit @ecook126 🙌🏻 ___ 📹 @andylikesthings ___ #getninjastrong #insideandout

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Date: today, 2018

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I cried writing this post. I got to meet @christmasabbott on Saturday at the CrossFit Games. She will never know how much she has impacted my life. Bc I can't even express it fully in words. ___ 7 years ago I was a stay at home mom raising two adorable toddlers. But trapped in a conservative culture that didn't let me see outside the possibility of being a mom. I stumbled across Christmas's page and I was captivated. ___ She was so bold, so free, so beautiful and SO STRONG. She was fearless. She had abs and a booty like me and she loved them. When I finally got the chance to try CrossFit, I wrote all her prs on my fridge as goals. I dreamed of being like her. ___ It was her influence that helped me finally speak up, dream, be strong inside, find what was in my heart and chase it. I am truly forever indebted and forever grateful. I now get to teach my daughters to be free and love their bodies. To stand up for themselves and dream as big as they want to. ___ So cheers to you Christmas, and to your sweet baby boy on the way. He's going to have one amazing mama. ___ 📷 @brayshawcreative (taken right before he flew to do a shoot with Christmas❤️)

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Noooooo! Haha tag someone who can do more than me 😆 xo ___ www.minneninjaapp.com or bio link to try my training program for free. Ring progressions included😉 ___ 🎥 @andylikesthings ___ #minneninja #getninjastrong #beyou

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2016 👉2018. Lots of lifting, lots of good eating. I’ve always been thin, and to be honest it was hard to look at a bigger number on the scale for awhile. But I know I look, and feel, healthier. All around. ___ As women it's been ingrained into our psychology that skinnier and lighter is better. No. Confident is better. Eating is better. Just being YOU is better. Personally, for me, that means being strong. I absolutely love lifting weights. I feel unstoppable. Empowered. ___ I can carry in ALL the groceries in one load. I can lift that air conditioner by myself. I can open all the jars. I don’t get tired giving my 8 yr old a piggy back ride (granted she weighs 40 lbs🤪). I feel sexier in a dress because I fill it out. Etc. ___ So. Embrace your strength ladies. You won’t look like a man! You’ll look like a strong, independent, confident, sexy woman. And even better, you’ll feel like one❤️💋 ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ #beyou #getninjastrong #insideandout

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Date: today, 2018

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@sweetninjagirl can I borrow your hops?😳😍 @wolfpackninjas , you've picked some superstars⭐ ___ www.minneninjaapp.com ___ #girlpower #wpnt #teammates #ninjaworkout #getninjastrong

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The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen. Frank Wright