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❋Celebrity Beauty Master NYC/LA ❋World Renowned Lash & Brow Trainer ❋Permanent Makeup & Microblading Expert ❋Founder of Eye Design® New York

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Timelapse transformation 🎥 Powder Effect brows in Cappuccino by me, Master Tech #EyeDesignNadia ☕️〰️ Eye Design’s semi-permanent brow makeup is the go-to treatment for clients who want a stronger brow with a fashionable ombré/gradient look. This technique is the ultimate stress-free alternative to traditional eyebrow pencils, pomades and powders. 🙌 My customizable approaches ensures Eye Design’s Powder Effect brows look great on EVERYONE! So, call (917) 300-0317 or go to eyedn.com to book your visit to our studio. See you soon! 👋

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I love a fierce brow! 😍 My Powder Effect technique gives clients the option for a soft and subtle gradient or a strong makeup look. 💪 Which would you choose? If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to come in for a consultation. Our talented team will guide you towards the best brows for YOUR unique features. All the work we do at Eye Design is completely customized and tailored to fit each client! ✏️ To schedule a consultation, call our studio at (917) 300-0317. ☎️

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Date: today, 2018

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Looking for fuller lips with a healthy wash of color? Eye Design can do that, too! 💄 Semi-permanent lip makeup is a great alternative to your everyday lipstick. It doesn’t smudge or require reapplication throughout the day (and you never have to worry about it getting on your teeth, either)! 🙌 Customizable pigments combined with our expert techniques ensure your new lips will look 100% natural. Think: Your lips, but better! 👄 Semi-permanent lip makeup by me, Master Technician #EyeDesignNadia 🎉 To schedule your appointment, call our studio at (917) 300-0317, or book online at eyedn.com! ❤️

Дата: 14 июля, 2018

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Excited to be featured on @fox5ny this week! 🤩 I had so much fun working with your lovely team. Thank-you for giving Eye Design the opportunity to share our work and our company’s vision with the New York community. We loved hosting you! 🎉 Check out our feature on my Highlights named “Fox 5 NY” to learn why our customized microblading and semi-permanent makeup treatments are essential for effortless summertime beauty! 👏

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Date: today, 2018

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Beautiful new brows with an amazing arch! Who’s a fan of airbrushed makeup looks like these? 〰️ Eye Design is always able to match the client’s natural or desired brow color. Because all microblading pigments have a tendency to heal with a cool tone, our studio only uses products with warm and neutral tones. That way, brows never heal blue or ashy! ❤️ Powder Effect by Senior Tech #EyeDesignMona 🎨 For customized eyebrows of your own, visit eyedn.com or call our studio at (917) 300-0317. The Eye Design team can’t wait to see you! 👋

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Never let age hold you back. Microblading and semi-permanent brows don’t have an age limit! 🙌 The work we do at Eye Design is great for all ages, and I am proud to offer our life-changing treatments to everyone. 👯‍ Want to learn more? Head over to the blog to read everything you need to know about Eye Design’s mature clients. (Linked in my stories!) 👸

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Semi-permanent lip makeup by Senior Technician #EyeDesignMona 😍💄 Our goal at Eye Design is to boost your natural beauty, so we are proud to offer a range of natural-looking and customizable color options. 👄 You can also choose a soft or a defined outline to suit your style! Schedule your semi-permanent makeup appointment with our studio. Call or text (917) 300-0317, or book online at eyedn.com! ☎️

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That ombré 🌈 Powder Effect by me, Master Technician #EyeDesignNadia 👀 Can you tell I am obsessed with this technique? The gradient looks so beautiful and, most importantly, natural! Unlike traditional makeup, semi-permanent brow makeup never smudges or wears off throughout the day. Your eyebrows look flawless 24/7. 😍 Plus, Powder Effect takes very little time to heal--so convenient for those of us with on-the-go lifestyles! 🙋‍ It is our goal at Eye Design to simplify your life and enhance your natural features. Ready to book your brow treatment? Head over to eyedn.com or give us a call at (917) 300-0317. 📞

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Beautiful timelapse transformation of our Glamour Set lash extensions by Senior Tech #EyeDesignOlga 👀 This client chose the Natural Effect for a classic makeup look without any of the frustration! Mascara is tricky to apply, causes clumpy lashes, smudges throughout the day and can be difficult to remove. 🙅‍ If you are so over mascara, it is time to switch to eyelash extensions! Call or text us at (917) 300-0317 to book your appointment, or book online at eyedn.com. 📲

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Semi-permanent beauty makes getting gorgeous effortless this time of year because you never have to worry about sweating your brows or your makeup off! Whether you are jumping in the ocean or relaxing poolside, our microblading and semi-permanent makeup treatments stay put. ☀️ Learn how to care for your freshly bladed brows on the blog. 👀 The post is linked in my stories! ✌️

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Who else is obsessing over this Powder Effect by Senior Technician #EyeDesignMona?! 🙋‍ Mona used Eye Design mineral-based microblading pigments in Cappuccino and Chocolate to strengthen and define this client’s pale brows. 🙌 Everyone at our studio loves this eyebrow treatment because it looks great on everyone and works for every lifestyle! 〰️ For flawless brows that never smudge or fade throughout the day, call or text (917) 300-0317 or visit eyedn.com. ❤️

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Date: today, 2018

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Summer is in full swing, and I am so happy! 🌺 Because so many women choose to go makeup-free during the hotter months, Eye Design’s semi-permanent beauty treatments really shine this time of year. 🙌 My brows and lips are always in place no matter how much time I spend in the sun. I love that I never have to bring products with me or reapply makeup throughout the day! ☀️ Ready to try it for yourself? There is no better time than now! 🎉 Call our studio at (917) 300-0317, or schedule your appointment on eyedn.com. 🏙

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