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What’s your favourite holiday destination of all time & why? 👇 Bali is fast becoming one of mine - the last few days in Seminyak have been so chilled. Daily massages, more delicious food than you can poke a stick at, plenty of heat, sun, swimming, snoozing, early nights, late mornings & all with my favourite person. We travel to Ubud later today for the back half of this trip - but first, a little ‘negotiating’ with some locals for some artwork to take home 😂 Ps - make sure you check the dude photobombing in his g-string in the background 😂 - Don’t forget the @gymshark BLACKOUT sale is now live - there’s still time to score up to 70% off the entire site. #gymshark #beach #sun #holiday #vacation #Bali #travel #igtravel #lifestylegains #adventure #travelblog #travelphotography

Дата: 20 ноября, 2018

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What’s your preference - shirts, tanks, stringers or sleeveless tees? I love the latter, but I get way bigger pumps when I wear t-shirts - anybody else ever notice the same?! Doesn’t seem fair that the biggest pumps only happen when your guns aren’t on show 😂 - The @gymshark Blackout Sale is only 24 hours away - you’ll be able to save up to 70% off the ENTIRE SITE, including all the styles I’m wearing here - so no matter what you like to train in, you’ll be able to score some suitable kit for your upcoming sessions. Set your alarms - when it’s gone, it’s gone 🌚 I’m wearing an XL #gymshark #gymsharktrain #blackout #lifestylegains #bodybuilding #physique #aesthetics #guns #gunshow #fitnessaddict #fitnesslifestyle

Дата: 18 ноября, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Getting the job done in a million degree heat with whippy bars, bumper plates, shirts off, an epic training crew (@protein_and_chemicals & @tsubifit ) with my favourite person video-bombing & impressing all the locals with her moves - Bali is EPIC ❤️ Squats @ 220kg (4 x 2) & Deads @ 220kg (4 x 3) - 3 weeks out 🙏 #BaliLife #CrossFit #LifestyleGains #Travel #Bali #Powerlifting

Дата: 17 ноября, 2018

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T-Minus 6 hours until I’m touching down in Bali for 8 days of bliss with @becchambersfit - I’ve never been before so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them. Places to go, things to see, restaurants to take down, meals to munch, tattoo-artists to book in with - hit me 😈🤟🧞‍♂️ #LifestyleGains #Bali #Adventure #Gains

Дата: 16 ноября, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Cheeky rig update four weeks out in some fairly advantageous lighting with no pump, trying on a bunch of my favourite @gymshark stringers & tanks 🤟 Sitting around 96kg, with around 2kg to go! Full Gymshark Haul video just went live on my channel ahead of the epic Blackout Sale (new videos every Monday & Thursday) - link in my bio #gymshark #physique #update #progress #aesthetics #powerlifting #bodybuilding #fitnesslifestyle #lifestylegains #abs #wod

Дата: 15 ноября, 2018

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There’s only so many times you can take your first selfie in your own gym. Might not seem overly significant, but this mirror going up above the DB rack at @paragon.sp is the final piece of the puzzle. Our gym is finished - we finally have absolutely everything we wanted inside our four walls. It’s been a massive year that’s definitely involved some massive highs and a few lows, but now @becchambersfit & I finally get to sit back & enjoy what we’ve created. And what better way to do that than by jet setting off to Bali for a week on Friday 😂 Huge thank you to all our members for being so damn patient - you guys are the best & this gym wouldn’t be what it is without you ❤️ #ParagonStrong #LifestyleGains #GymOwnerLife #Gym #GymGoals #Bali

Дата: 14 ноября, 2018

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Who’s your favourite Mario Kart character? It’s a little late for Halloween but it doesn’t get any better than real life Mario Kart with your mates on a Sunday arvo 😎 Seriously though - did it get any better than an N64 & mashing your controller joystick in the pursuit of dominance amongst your mates 😂🤟 Just threw up another video on my channel - third episode of the Road to 600 series, link is on my bio 🙏 #Mario #Luigi #MarioKart #MushroomRacing #LifestyleGains #JackedMario #Gains #RealLifeMarioKart #aesthetics

Дата: 12 ноября, 2018

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I’m at the stage during this cut where meal & nutrient timing is becoming more important. Eating at a deficit means energy is always limited - it’s how we encourage our body to burn fat. Lifting heavy things also requires energy, so whilst meal timing doesn’t play a massive role in comparison to hitting daily macros & maintaining a deficit in losing fat, it definitely does help with getting the most out of your training sessions. - When I diet, and the further into dieting I get, the more I prioritise carbs before training. I don’t train twice a day, so I don’t really need carbs immediately post workout - instead I load up before I train & then allow the rest of my day to fall into place whilst hitting my macros. No need to over complicate things, but the more carbs you consume before training (within reason), the more energy you should have for your sessions and better your performance should be as a consequence. - We’re 10 days out from the Gymshark Blackout Sale - score up to 70% off the entire site while stocks last 🤟 Wearing Linear Tank in purple chalk colour @gymshark @gymsharktrain #carbs #diet #nutrition #aesthetics #powerlifting #lifestylegains

Дата: 10 ноября, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Weighed in at a new low this week - under the 97kg mark @ 186cm. No changes to macros just & get to lose any strength 😎 Episode 2 of the ‘Road to 600’ series just went live on my channel with my full deadlift & accessory workout. Follow along as I chase down a 600lb+ deadlift. Link in bio 🤟 Shorts by @gymshark 💃 #deadliftsandchill #abs #aesthetics #macros #diet #nutrition

Дата: 07 ноября, 2018

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Cheeky training PB @ 160kg/ 352lb, five weeks out from my next meet & 5kg under my previous third attempt at last comp. not bad for a bloke eating in a deficit! How much do you bench bro? Wearing the new @gymshark Minimal Stringer - check my story for upcoming Blackout Sale details 😎 #benchgains #powerlifting #gymshark #bench #chestday #diet

Дата: 06 ноября, 2018

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The Road to the 600lb Deadlift! Took longer than planned, but just uploaded part 1 of a new mini series to my channel covering my approach over the next 6 weeks to slay the magical number. Throw any deadlift related questions below & check it out - link in bio 🤙 Wearing @gymshark Linear Tank 📸 @milesmuecke

Дата: 02 ноября, 2018

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Date: today, 2018

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Current state of play midway through operation get stronger but also a bit leaner so I can compete in the U94kg class in December. Relaxed va flexed, no lighting, the usual jazz. Dropped food a little lower than ideal to begin with in an attempt to lose the majority of the weight earlier on in my prep to have calories higher when the loads get heavier. Current body weight @ roughly 97-98kg. Macros @ 225P/ 70F/ 250C with 2 higher days @ 400C. Five days of strength training & no cardio, outside of building gym equipment 😅 Prioritising food choices & preparation becomes far more important when eating lower calories, and I’ve found the only real change I’ve had to make this time around in order to drop weight consistently is to ensure some basic meal preparation & planning my day of eating in MFP ahead of time so I’m not tempted into a late night pizza. No decline in strength just yet, plus I can still get it up which is always a good sign 😂 Definitely hungrier than usual, but not unhappy about my jawline returning also. Struggles? Sure - but I pretty much want to eat pizza every day whether I’m cutting or bulking 😏 Let me know if you’ve got any questions about my routine in the comments section below - all my sessions between now and my meet will be up on my story as well as a more detailed look at how I’m planning on taking down a 600lb deadlift in 6 weeks time on my YT channel 🤟 #lifestylegains #realtalk #diet #nutrition

Дата: 01 ноября, 2018

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