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Posting DAILY Workouts & Recipes Determined Physio recovering from a ski accident #leanwithlilly #TeamOptimumNutrition FREE 30 Day Fitness Plan👇🏼

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There was a time when all I wanted was to be skinny. Then a time where all I wanted was to be more curvaceous. That was followed by wanting to become more strong and lean... Why are we never happy 👇🏼 Since my injury back in January, I had a reality check... Now, what I want is simple- to be healthy & happy, and to share that message with everyone around the 🌍 Regardless of what your physical, emotional or mental goals are- please please enjoy the journey, otherwise you’ll never be happy ✨ Thank you @cosmomiddleeast for my recent feature & for sharing this message ❤️

Дата: 25 мая, 2019

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Out last night celebrating the set up of my NEW COMPANY here in Dubai 🎉💃🏼 So happy everything is now official! When I first came to Dubai I had no idea where to start, that’s why I’ve decided to film a ‘How to Move to Dubai’ vlog any of you who are considering taking the plunge 🌍 Or like me, you’re sharing time in between countries. This vlog will be on my YouTube channel on Monday evening. Before that my ‘How to Stay Healthy during Ramadan’ vlog will be live tomorrow featuring @optimumnutrition_uk leading nutritionist @fuelandperform & there are some incredible tips in there. Looks to look forward to... until the LJ have a beautiful end to your working week my loves ❤️ Location @lahlahdxb @zabeelhousethegreens after the most yummy food with my babes @ciaralondon @lauren_n.i.c & of course @alex_tyrwhitt Wearing @nadinemerabi 💓

Дата: 23 мая, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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WHO WON: Lilly or Peter 🙈 The Irish rugby legend @stringer9 and I went head to head in the toughest challenge of his career 🏉 The @optimumnutrition_uk Sit Up Challenge 💪🏼 The rules were simple... there were no rules 😂 #wetriedourbest

Дата: 22 мая, 2019

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KILLER ADVANCED ABS🔥 Tag your bestie to take on this challenge 💪🏼 Also don’t forget to hit ❤️ & save this for tomorrow. Grab a plate & let’s do this. Beginners- please remember to get the basics of core activation before trying this workout. I have plenty of other core workouts on my page for you to get stuck into. Any questions just let me know, I’m always here for you guys ❤️ Intermediate 40sec on / 20sec off Advanced 45sec on / 15sec off 1 - 3 rounds 1️⃣ Side plank with lift (not feed under) 2️⃣ Back plank | leg raise 3️⃣ Russian twist x2 to crunch 4️⃣ Modified sit up with plate 5️⃣ Modifies 4 point with plate 6️⃣ Scissors with crunch Wearing @victoriasport crop @adidaswomen leggings @pumame 👟 Music @epidemicsound #advancedabs #core #coreworkout

Дата: 19 мая, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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MAJOR KNEE SURGERY UPDATE 👇🏼🙏🏼On Monday I saw my surgeon Mr Adil Ajuied to re assess my knee, 4 months after my ski accident. I went into the appointment sure that I would be receiving my date for surgery... Welllllll that all changed pretty fast! I am so insanely happy to update you that I potentially fall in the 1% category of people who’s ACLs HEAL WITHOUT SURGERY! I am in disbelief BEYOND WORDS ☺️ Basically when you rupture your ACL you can fall in 1 of 3 categories 1. SURGERY to repair the ACL, using a graft (mine was due to be from my hamstring) 2. COPER This category known as the ‘copers’ are the people who choose to live without an ACL, ie. not have surgery. The disadvantage of this being you are unlikely to get back to your pre injured state of fitness. This was not an option for me as I want to get back to high level sport again (and potentially ski one day). 3. HEALERS This is the 1-2% category that many of you won’t have heard about. Just 1-2% of people are lucky enough to find that their ACL HEALS There are many factors that contribute to your chances of healing... Nutrition, amazing Physiotherapy, diligent Prehab, overall health/wellbeing, the fact I was in a brace for my MCL to heal, & some good old fashioned luck! My ACL healing still hasn’t been confirmed but based on my progress things are looking pretty great!!!! For now it’s back to the hard work, daily rehab, on point nutrition for healing and weekly physio. I’ve always believed in the power of optimism, positivity, & straight HARD WORK ... Thank you all so much for your support, well wishes & belief in me- I literally love you all and am so thankful to have you as my extended familia Never again will I doubt my bodies ability to heal. Dear Body- you are AMAZING and I am so incredibly thankful for you 💓 Thank you @valiantclinic @burneburne for being the most incredible support and physios! Here’s to months of hard work together towards recovery 🙏🏼 👙 @deesseswim

Дата: 17 мая, 2019

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Isn’t it funny how what once was your biggest insecurity is now what you embrace the most 💕💕 REAL TALK 👇🏼 I spent most of my teenage years and early 20s absolutely hating my legs. I was teased at school for the size and shape of my legs and that really stuck with me. I guess you could say I had more of an athletic build, I had strong legs from years of swimming, running, dancing and tennis. When I was really young I never ever thought about what my body looked like, I just LOVED sport. The competition, the team spirit, the constant drive to do better, to achieve more... I loved it! So why the shift? I guess it’s natural to start putting an emphasis on an aesthetic goal as we starting caring about our appearance more. As I started modelling, the pressure increased. I was one of the ‘bigger’ girls 🙈! And I felt a pressure to change my body shape to fit in. This went on for years, and although I wasn’t very verbal about it, it would be something that was always on my mind. Then came the birth of social media, and MORE PRESSURE. Thankfully there was a shift for me, and that shift came around 3 years ago, the moment I found happiness in health, happiness in individuality, rather than trying to look like someone else. The reason why I’m telling you this is because 4 months ago I had a pretty big ski accident. This ski accident knocked me for six, and I found myself feeling pretty low. Physically and mentally I was struggling. 4 months later, I am still fighting towards recovery and I am so BEYOND THANKFUL for my strong, athletic legs. It’s because of these perfectly imperfect legs that I am rehabilitating so fast, that I am able to walk again and that I hopefully will be able to run again pretty soon (fingers crossed!) This has been a pretty steep learning curve for me, and the one thing I will never forget again is that... Your Health is your Wealth. Feeling great is a necessity... Looking great is just an added bonus 💕 I love you guys and I hope you’re all showing yourself some self love this week 💛 #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #selflove #bodypositive

Дата: 13 мая, 2019

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ABSSSSSS at Home (or anywhere!)🔥 Tag a friend you you want to burn your core with- CORRECTLY 😉 Don’t forget to ❤️ & Save my fam! Did you know you can spend far less time training Abs & get better results? I have designed this home circuit to challenge all 4 layers of your core using minimal equipment - a pillow. Beginners Try 30sec on / 30sec off Intermediate/ Advanced 45sec on / 15sec off 1 - 3 rounds 1️⃣ Side plank | Feed Under 2️⃣ Modified point kneel 3️⃣ Scissors | Oblique twist 4️⃣ 3 direction crutches 5️⃣ Toe reaches 6️⃣ Dead bugs *REMEMBER- keep the movements slow and concentrate on form, not reps. To feel the correct activations the movements must be slow at first. Any questions- just let me know 🙏🏼 Wearing @lornajaneme leggjngs @flexxfit top #abs #core #6pack #sixpackabs #absexercises #coreexercises

Дата: 12 мая, 2019

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Hey London 🇬🇧 It’s good to be home ❤️ Knee Update 👇🏼 Touched down in my home town for a few days to see my surgeon & for a very exciting photo shoot. On Monday my incredible surgeon Mr Adil Ajuied will re assess my knee and give me the verdict of when (and if) I need surgery. Recently, I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a plateau with my progress, and even though it’s been amazing, I’m still not able to run, or bend fully. I’ve barely been able to do any cardio training. My strength is improving but only in certain planes of movement and when I squat I feel like my knee is catching a little (likely the meniscal damage) Soooo... the bottom line is, even though I’ve progressed faster than I had ever imagined, it’s highly likely I’ll need surgery pretty soon. I have finished my course of medication for my DVTs (blood clots) but am still getting a lot of swelling, so I’ll run that past my surgeon on Monday too. I’ll be vlogging everything and Mr Ajuied has been kind enough to agree to come on camera with me, so if you have any questions please do let me know 🙏🏼 Sending you all love from rainy/sunny/rainy London - it’s soooo hard to know what to wear 🙈 #london #aclrecovery #aclprehab

Дата: 11 мая, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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KILLER BOOTY/LEGS CIRCUIT 🍑🔥 Tag your workout buddy now & let’s get your booty on fire! Who’s struggling to see results in their lower body? Get this saved because this is the workout for you! Surgery is fast approaching for me & since my injury I have lost so much strength and muscle mass. These 3 moves have been amazing in helping me regain my strength and shape! I’m sureeee they’ll work for you too 💪🏼 Don’t forget to Hit ❤️ Save my babes! Try 2 rounds of 12 reps Increase weight Then 1 round of 10 reps Increase weight Then last round of 8 reps 1️⃣ Deadlift | Front squat 2️⃣ Side lunge in deep squat 3️⃣ Squat pulsation | Good morning 💃🏼 Warm Up- I recommend a total body warm up of dynamic movements, mainly concentrating of hip mobility Followed by Glute activation exercises If you’d like examples of these, let me know in the comments below and I can get something filmed for you 🙏🏼 Love you all and let’s enjoy that burrrrn 🔥 Wearing @flexxfit leggings @varley crop @pumame kicks Music @epidemicsound #lowerbody #bootyworkout #gluteswotkout #legsworkout #quads

Дата: 09 мая, 2019

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Wow I’ve been nervous uploading this, but do you know what... this is all for the right reasons. I wasn’t to help you all! And I know if I don’t talk up about it, thousands of you are going to end up needing back surgery 😤 So here it is, the physio facts! Cut out the over sexualised BS and let’s start getting results from our workouts.

Дата: 05 мая, 2019

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Hey guys 👋🏼 I’m considering BUYING myself some new friends? Is anyone available- and how much do you charge? 😳💵 WOULD YOU EVER do this in ‘Real Life’❓ I hope not! So why are so many people doing it online? Every single day more and more people are buying followers and engagement. We have to ask why? Is it the pressure to keep up a certain appearance? The constant comparisons with other people you see online (who you don’t even know?) The want to feel loved and appreciated? Or is it simply down to ego? Today I opened up a sticker question to you all to get your feedback on this, and WOW I am totally overwhelmed. All in all, you guys think it’s total BS, not only is it lying to others, these people are also lying to themselves. On the flip side, I can totally relate to the pressure of being a content creator/‘influencer’. The ‘online’ world, like many industry’s, can be incredibly cut throat. One minute you’re the next best thing, the next you can be forgotten about. But that is not reason for you to cheat... that’s the time for you to step up your game, re evaluate and execute what truly fulfils your soul. Because I can guarantee buying followers won’t. I’m fortunate enough to go to sleep at night knowing that I’m helping thousands of you guys to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. But the truth is, I would be happy inspiring just one of you. The reason why I studied Physiotherapy at University was to help people. There is nothing that satisfies me more than that. Reading your DMs, your comments, truly makes the effort I put in to creating content beyond worthwhile 💕 I love you guys, and you can have my friendship all day long - without buying it 💛💛💛

Дата: 05 мая, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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FULL BODY FAT BURRRN 🔥 with @peterbarron13 Tag your workout partner below 👇🏼 Anddd don’t forget to hit ❤️ & SAVE for later fam! You’re going to luuuuurve this sweaty sesh 💦 Beginners Try 30sec on / 30sec off Intermediate/ Advanced 45sec on / 15sec off 2-4 rounds 1️⃣ curtsy lunge jumps 2️⃣ squat jump | 4 step back 3️⃣ shuffle squat jump 4️⃣ bear crawls x4 5️⃣ squat jump in | out 6️⃣ deep squat to crunch Enjoy that burn squad, and don’t forget your protein after. As per I recommend the best @optimumnutrition_uk Wearing @flexxfit leggings @nike crop Music @epidemicsound #partnerworkout #coupleworkouts #hiitworkout #fatburningworkout

Дата: 04 мая, 2019

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