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🔹Team Ninja Warrior Champion 🔹Online Coach 🔹@jednorthwomen 🔹@teamminnexnd Pullup and Grip Program 👇👇👇

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Be the storm!!⚡What is it you want most in this life? Chase it💪🏼😘 ___ My Online Coaching is on sale this week🤩 $60 off a MONTH . Program INCLUDES: *An initial video consult call *A completely customized program (depending on if you want to train at home or at a gym, what equipment you have access to, how much time you have, what your goals are) *Daily check-ins and feedback *A personalized nutrition plan *Training options including ninja, powerlifting, abs, olympic lifting, new mom workouts, weight loss, OCR, etc . DM me with any questions. Can’t wait to hear from you and help you reach your goals!❤️ ___ www.minneninja.com ___ 📷 @jeffrey.kearney ___ #minneninjacoaching #findyourstrong #insideandout #bethebestyou #powerliftinglove #ninjas

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One of my favorite memories, racing the boys at ninja training 😁🤪💪🏼 ___ $60off/month on my online personalized coaching, link in bio🤗 or shoot me a DM! ___ #minneninja #girlpower #ninjastrong

Дата: 23 мая, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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This was intense😭😆 But for real these are one of my favorites for destroying abs. I usually put a pad down and do them from my knees. 3 sets of 10 nice and controlled. ___ www.minneninja.com for my training programs💪🏼 ___ @americkanathlete such a good idea😁 ___ #minneninjacoaching #findyourstrong #beyourbestyou #abfire #thedayafter

Дата: 22 мая, 2019

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If you had to rate yourself on a messy scale from 1-10, 10 being your sock drawer is color coordinated, 1 being you can't see your countertops, where would you land? Imma give myself a 5😬 I'm a 2 till I can't stand it anymore, have friends over, or need to take a pic. Then I'm an 8. ___ Top by @jednorthwomen 🤗 ___ www.minneninja.com for online coaching! ___ #squatssquatssquats #lunges #goodmornings #bethebestyou #insideandout

Дата: 21 мая, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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Figure 8s🤪 You try lol. @concussion_vestibular_doc showed me these back when I was doing concussion recovery and I still pull them out sometimes for coordination. ___ Shoulder work: 2. itwy's-practically healed a chronic shoulder issue I've had. I do 3 sets of 20 before upper body days (thank you @cgindorff !) 3. Single arm lat pulls. Works shoulder stability and strength 4. Double lat pulls for more shoulder warm up 5. Best on a wall. Keep your back flat and try to keep your whole arm on the wall ___ www.minneninja.com ___ #minneninja #minnesotasummer #minneninjaonlinecoaching

Дата: 19 мая, 2019

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I really need to find another place in my house with good light🤪 What is the hardest part of getting the body that you want? Is it sticking to a meal plan? Not knowing what to do in the gym? Not knowing what to eat? Being tempted around friends? Stress eating? Not feeling motivated? Would love to hear your thoughts🙌🏼💛 Enjoy the weekend friends!! ___ Nutrition Plans @rpstrength code minne10 ___ www.minneninja.com ___ #minneninjaonlinecoaching #findyourstrong #insideandout

Дата: 18 мая, 2019

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🔊 Ask me anything health or fitness, answering now! ❤️ ___ www.minneninjaapp.com or bio link for my Pullup and Grip Program ___ 📹@americkanninja #minneninja #ninjatraining #ninjas #tbt

Дата: 16 мая, 2019

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Thinking about dying my hair dark red/auburn...votes? 😬☀️ ___ www.minneninja.com ___ #findyourstrong #insideandout #minneninjaonlinecoaching #minnesotasummer

Дата: 16 мая, 2019

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Date: today, 2019

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Went back and forth about 50 times this year trying to decide if I was going to compete on ANW this year or not😐 I am so grateful to the producers who gave gave me a shot and were so gracious when I finally turned down the opportunity. For now, I just can't risk getting another concussion. Even slightly bumping my head gives me nasty symptoms. ANW holds a lot of emotion for me. Finding it changed my life. I feel like part of me still belongs there, but in my head I know what I need to do right now, even if it tears me up a little inside. ___ Post from ANW 2018: Not gonna lie friends, I had a reeaaally hard time writing this post. First of all, I'm fine😘 Most of that force went into my shoulder, not my head. ___ Second, I couldn't be more grateful for my friends and family who came out to support me. It meant more to me than you'll ever know. ___ Third, am I happy with my performance? No, I'm freaking pissed. I wanted that ring hopper. I work way too hard not to have completed that. But all I can do is let my mistakes push me forward, motivate me, and make me better. Right!?? ___ Thanks for reading 🤪 love you guyyyys ___ Support by @beastinheesen ❤️ ___ www.minneninjaapp.com #minneninja #anw10 #minneapolis

Дата: 15 мая, 2019

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PR at 140😁 Pretty weak celebrating 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I really want MORE. I'm hunting down the state record of 159.5. (Bodyweight 112) ___ For those of you wondering why my back is arched, it's bc it puts my shoulders in a safer position and also allows me to engage my whole body, especially my glutes, in the lift. @bdstrength ___ Allllso, I've partnered with the amazing coach in this video, and together we're offering online coaching and nutrition for ninja, weight loss, weight lifting, pullups, grip, powerlifting, at home programs and ocr!! If you want more details shoot me a DM! ___ Leggings and tank @jednorthwomen 💯 ___ #minneninja #findyourstrong #minneninjaonlinecoaching

Дата: 14 мая, 2019

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Happy Mama's Day. To all the someday mamas, the mamas who have left us and the mamas that have lost❤️ You are stronger than you know, inside and out. ___ www.minneninja.com ___ Last day of my Pullup eBook sale, 1/2 off with code MOTHERSDAY2019 💪🏼 Link in highlights ___ #minneninja #findyourstrong #insideandout #strongmoms

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Date: today, 2019

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🔊 Sound on. My favorite fails🙆🏻‍♀️😜 ___ www.minneninja.com ___ Pullup eBook sale today and tomorrow, half off code MOTHERSDAY2019, link in highlights 💪🏼 ___ Also wanna say thank you so all your love on my last post. Even if I didn't reply to you directly, your words meant so much to me 💜 ___ #minneninja #fails #findyourstrong #insideandout

Дата: 11 мая, 2019

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